There’s been no research, but who can deny that sectionals spur conversation and create “mini-rooms” all their own. Designed for the utmost flexibility, Marge Carson’s distinctive styles are fashioned to complement a wide range of interior designs and spaces, with components that can turn a corner or stretch the length of the longest of rooms.

Angelique Sectional
AQSEC Angelique Sectional
Brioni Sectional
BOSEC Brioni Sectional
Bryant Sectional
BRYSEC Bryant Sectional
Bentley Sectional
BYSEC Bentley Sectional
Cassandra Sectional
CASEC Cassandra Sectional
Isadora Sectional
ISSEC Isadora Sectional
Kendra Sectional
KNDSEC Kendra Sectional
London Sectional
LONSEC London Sectional
Manhattan Sectional
MANSEC Manhattan Sectional
Marcheline Sectional
MRNSEC Marcheline Sectional
Olympia Sectional
OLYSEC Olympia Sectional
Orion Sectional
ORISEC Orion Sectional
Santa Barbara Sectional
STBSEC Santa Barbara Sectional
Tribeca Sectional
TCSEC Tribeca Sectional
Theresa Sectional
TSSEC Theresa Sectional
Vancouver Sectional
VANSEC Vancouver Sectional