Marge Carson Global, Inc. sells its product through authorized retailers and showrooms who have the ability to display, deliver and service our product appropriately. Click here to go to our store locator. You may also email: [email protected] for further assistance. Marge Carson Global, Inc. does not sell direct to consumer.

Marge Carson Global, Inc. provides a one-year limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects. This warranty is applicable exclusively to the initial retail buyer (not consumer buyer) and does not encompass regular usage wear and tear, damages, modifications, or improper usage. It's important to note that Marge Carson Global, Inc. does not guarantee the endurance or durability of fabrics, leathers, or trims. To qualify for this warranty, any manufacturing defects must be reported in writing, by the original retail buyer, to Marge Carson Global, Inc. customer service within one year from the date of the final invoice.

We strive on perfection but also understand that human error can occur, therefore, we allow 30 days for your product to be fully inspected for any defects or discrepancies. This will allow everyone to ensure quality and correct products are received. Any manufacturing discrepancies (such as incorrect trims or fabric applications versus order acknowledged) must be reported to our customer service team in writing within 30 days from final invoice. Any reports of discrepancies after 30 days will not be validated.

Your local authorized Marge Carson retailer will provide you with all pricing information.

As a leader in furniture design and style, Marge Carson Global, Inc. strives to provide customers with fashion forward furniture. Design styles and trends change over time reflecting consumers' taste changes.

Upholstery: To keep filling materials evenly distributed and allow for even wear flip, rotate and fluff loose cushions and pillows regularly. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can harm and fade any upholstered surface over time. There are many types of fabrics and cleaning applications that are specific to each fabric type so please contact your neighborhood professional cleaner. Wood: Always use a soft, nonabrasive cloth for dusting, polishing and waxing. Only occasional polishing or waxing (where recommended) is necessary. Polishing with a high quality, clear furniture polish will preserve the luster of all surfaces. Textured and carved surfaces may also require an occasional vacuuming with a soft brush attachment to remove dust and particles from crevices. On wood and leather finishes only, in addition to polishing, apply and buff an occasional light coating of beeswax or neutral paste wax. Use glass cleaners on glass surfaces only. Using felt pads on the bottom of accessories will prevent surface scratches.

The best way to order parts is through the retailer where you originally purchased the item. Your retailer can help you correctly identify the part, find out if the product is still available or, if not, suggest a satisfactory substitute and arrange for shipment.

Marge Carson Global, Inc. is very concerned with any problems or issues that arise. However, because of the specific information required to determine the cause of the complaint as well as the best way to handle it, you will want to consult the retailer from whom you purchased the item. For any other questions not answered above, please contact us at [email protected].

Yes. In fact, many of Marge Carson Global, Inc. novel designs and design features are the subject of United States Patents, pending United States Patent Applications, United States Copyright Registrations, and/or pending United States Copyright Applications.

For any other questions not answered above, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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