MC Avenue By Marge Carson Offers Lighter, Smaller Scale

APRIL 2015, HIGH POINT, NC - Grand. Opulent. Generously scaled.

These descriptions have become synonymous with luxury home furnishings brand Marge Carson. While embracing this vital part of its identity, Marge Carson is addressing changing consumer needs by introducing a new line called MC Avenue devoted to lighter-scaled furniture with smaller dimensions.

The inaugural MC Avenue line, debuting at the Spring High Point Market, contains 235 occasional, bedroom and dining room pieces across a broad cross-section of both in-line and new Marge Carson furniture in a variety of styles and from each of its major collections.

"The generously proportioned European traditional and contemporary designs we're known for are right for a lot of homes that command that type of furniture," said Will Sharp, president of Marge Carson. "However, we recognize that consumers of all ages in different stages of life have needs for well-designed, quality furniture that is suited for a smaller environment."

Marge Carson will emphasize the MC Avenue story with a high-impact display in its High Point showroom at 121 N. Hamilton Street. MC Avenue furnishings will be displayed in three entire room settings, with one setting focused on traditional styles, one on contemporary and another on Hollywood Glam style. Beyond this market, "We will continue to grow the MC Avenue product assortment for the next several years, and you will see a higher percentage of these lighter scaled, smaller furnishings in each collection," he said.

"We believe that consumers in various life stages have smaller living environments but still want well-designed, quality, fashion-forward furniture. It may be Boomers who are downsizing to a smaller, but still very nice home. Or it could be younger consumers with a great design sensibility, who prefer to live in a smaller urban environment," Sharp said.

MC Avenue is for consumers who "have the taste and the means to purchase stylish, unique furniture, but do not have as much room or wall space."

As an ongoing merchandising emphasis for Marge Carson, the company will promote MC Avenue to consumers, designers and retailers through a designated section on its website and app, as well as a special catalogue.

Marge Carson-s 29,000 square-foot showroom is located at 121 N. Hamilton St., High Point, NC.

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