*Most Quick Ship furnishings will be available for delivery to your authorized Marge Carson retailer within eight weeks. Lead times are dependent upon fabric availability. Unexpected delays in delivery times could occur due to transportation and logistics scheduling beyond the control of Marge Carson​.

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Famous for our ability to customize our sculptured furnishings with hundreds of luxurious textiles & leathers, dozens of exquisite finishes, and decorative trims and hardware, iconic luxury furniture brand Marge Carson is a “designer’s delight.”

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Marge Carson's Sales Reps

District Name Email
Alabama Jamie Jackson [email protected]
Alaska Deric Hansen [email protected]
Arizona Mike Anderson [email protected]
Arkansas Eleanor Ward [email protected]
California - Central Vicki Solada [email protected]
California - Northern Vicki Solada [email protected]
California - Southern Mike Anderson [email protected]
Canada - Eastern (except Windsor) Nancy Honchen [email protected]
Canada - Western Deric Hansen [email protected]
Canada - Windsor Tom Hall and Rick Leslie [email protected], [email protected]
Colorado John Brennan [email protected]
Connecticut Nancy Honchen [email protected]
Delaware Nancy Honchen [email protected]
Florida (except Panhandle) Ed and Liz Lansaw [email protected]
Florida - Panhandle Jamie Jackson [email protected]
Georgia Jamie Jackson [email protected]
Hawaii Mike Anderson [email protected]
Idaho Deric Hansen [email protected]
Illinois Carolyn Timberlake [email protected]
Indiana Carolyn Timberlake [email protected]
International Meridien Marketing [email protected]
Iowa John Brennan [email protected]
Kansas John Brennan [email protected]
Kentucky Tom Hall and Rick Leslie [email protected], [email protected]
Louisana Eleanor Ward [email protected]
Maine Nancy Honchen [email protected]
Maryland Chris Elliott [email protected]
Massachusetts Nancy Honchen [email protected]
Mexico - Baja Mike Anderson [email protected]
Mexico - except Baja Meridien Marketing [email protected]
Michigan Tom Hall and Rick Leslie [email protected], [email protected]
Minnesota Carolyn Timberlake [email protected]
Mississippi Jamie Jackson [email protected]
Missouri John Brennan [email protected]
Montana Deric Hansen [email protected]
Nebraska John Brennan [email protected]
Nevada Vicki Solada [email protected]
New Hampshire Nancy Honchen [email protected]
New Jersey Nancy Honchen [email protected]
New Mexico John Brennan [email protected]
New York Nancy Honchen [email protected]
North Carolina Chris Elliott [email protected]
North Dakota Mike Anderson [email protected]
Ohio Tom Hall and Rick Leslie [email protected], [email protected]
Oklahoma Eleanor Ward [email protected]
Oregon Deric Hansen [email protected]
Pennsylvania - Eastern Nancy Honchen [email protected]
Pennsylvania - Western Tom Hall and Rick Leslie [email protected], [email protected]
Rhode Island Nancy Honchen [email protected]
South Carolina Jamie Jackson [email protected]
South Dakota Mike Anderson [email protected]
Tennessee Jamie Jackson [email protected]
Texas Eleanor Ward [email protected]
Utah Vicki Solada [email protected]
Vermont Nancy Honchen [email protected]
Virginia Chris Elliott [email protected]
Washington Deric Hansen [email protected]
Washington DC Chris Elliott [email protected]
West Virginia Chris Elliott [email protected]
Wisconsin Carolyn Timberlake [email protected]
Wyoming Deric Hansen [email protected]

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