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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the Marge Carson Showrooms?

The integrity of our ownership is a fabulous benefit to our customers. We are wholly owned by Marge Carson, Inc., based in Pomona, CA. This close and personal connection with our sales, marketing and manufacturing facilities insures the highest possible levels of customer service and customer care. Click here to learn more about our Marge Carson, Inc.

Do you sell to the Trade?

Yes, our showroom is open to the trade. We welcome all Interior Designers.

Do you sell to the Public?

Our showroom is open to the public. You do not have to be a licensed designer to purchase furniture from our showroom.

Do you sell to International clients?

Absolutely. Our portfolio of interior design work includes locations as far away as New Zealand and China.

Do you sell off the showroom Floor?

We sell all accessories and rugs off the showroom floor. And occasionally we will advertise a floor sample sale. The majority of our showroom business is Special Order.

Do you only Sell Marge Carson?

All of our furniture is Marge Carson Furniture. We use a variety of resources for our fine rugs and accessories.

Do you have to order the furniture exactly as shown?

No. Just the opposite: We encourage customization. Marge Carson is known for its ability customize. With hundreds of in-house fabrics, dozens of trims, many selections of wood finishes to choose from, you can create a look that is truly reflective of you or your client. Some furniture you can specify the hardware and the size. So much of our furniture, upholstery especially, is custom ordered that our talented craftsmen rarely make the same thing twice.

Can I use my own material (COM)

Absolutely. We encourage our clients to provide their own fabrics. Our upholstery teams will properly evaluate the patterns for matching and fit. Pricing is based on yardage and style.

Can I Bring in a Floor Plan?

Certainly. We welcome you to bring in floor plans, paints, carpets, pictures, swatches, anything that you think might be an integral part of creating the rooms of your dreams.

Do you offer Design Services?

As credentialed Interior Designers, we offer professional design services. Our design fees are credited to your purchase of our furniture and accessories.

Do you make house calls?

Yes. We conduct on-site studies and presentations on an as-needed basis. Our charges depend on the distance and scope of the project.

How often do you update your Collections?

We introduce new collections, fabrics, trims and finishes every 6 months. This cycle coincides with the furniture industry�s decades-old timeline of introducing new styles, trends and fashions every Spring and Fall.

Do you have Parking?

Yes, we have our own convenient, gated garden parking lot in front of our showroom.

Does Marge Carson protect its designs?

Yes. In fact, many of Marge Carson�s novel designs and design features are the subject of United States Patents, pending United States Patent Applications, United States Copyright Registrations, and/or pending United States Copyright Applications.

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